Your Trusted Provider of Professional Lawn Care

Welton Lawn Care was founded by Mark Welton, owner, and operator, who started the business in 1989. Over the years, with a wealth of experience and technical expertise, Mark has observed, listened to, and taken to heart what customers really want. He has used this to improve upon the approaches of other lawn care companies.

It is our mission to put customer needs first to create beautiful lawns and delight customers. No gimmicks. We strive to maintain a family atmosphere that promotes teamwork across all employees. This style has given rise to a company with solid core values and a strong culture dedicated to honest, trustworthy relationships with each other and our customers. This is evidenced by a great reputation and customer loyalty for Welton Lawn Care lawn fertilization, weed control, mosquito/outdoor insect control, and other services.

Mark and Chris

Mark received a BBA from Belmont University and has decades of successful experience in the industry. Chris-Ann Welton received an Electrical Engineering Degree from the University of Michigan Dearborn and worked for decades in the Automotive Industry as an Engineering Manager and Sales/Business Director. Today, Mark and Chris-Ann are Co-Owners/Operators of Welton Lawn Care. They live in Hartland, Michigan and have five children and four grandchildren